Air Sealing

(Strategic Caulking)

A process designed to eliminate potential problem areas for Blower Door Testing.


  • Windows and Doors- Low pressure foam applied between framing members and window and door frames
  • Electrical Receptacles- Low pressure foam applied to seal boxes from wall cavities
  • Baseplates/Top plates- Caulking applied to wall/floor connections and joints between wall top plates
  • Exterior Penetrations- Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical penetrations through the building exterior
  • Bonds- Low pressure foam applied to top and bottom seams where joists meet the building exterior.


  • A Blower Door Test measures the leakage area of a structure.
  • All of these small gaps add up quickly and can make the house fail if there are too many. 
  • There are few things you can do if failure isn't avoided. Plan ahead.

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