Blower Door Testing

(How much air is coming into the house or leaking out)

Under the 2015 Michigan Uniform Energy Code, all new homes are required to pass a Blower Door test. It is a measure of how many times per hour the entire volume of air in a house is replaced with outside air. The test itself should be performed when the house is as close to completion as possible. Some of the common issues we face when testing are:

  • Unfinished plumbing connections/vent stacks-lead directly outside. Full plumbing traps help create the separation
  • Unfinished garage drywall, tape and mud especially in living spaces above garages-Gaps in drywall only perform as a partial air barrier
  • Living spaces above garages-Gaps in floors, especially around HVAC supply registers allow attic air to infiltrate inside
  • Exhaust fan connections-Improperly installed bath fans can leak not only around the housing, but through the fans as well
  • Leaky HVAC return cavities-Where the drywall attaches to the top plate can be an easy pathway from the attic. Insulation DOES NOT stop air movement
  • Too much contractor activity-If sealing up the house is our #1 goal, other contractors constantly moving in and out can really be pesky

We would like to perform the Blower Door at the stage where we have the best separation to outside at every possible connection. Give us a call to see how we can help assure that you pass!

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