Energy Code Compliance

(Energy Star / HERS)

Approved Paths:

  1. Prescriptive Approach- By the code book construction based on Table 402.1.1. Blower Door Testing required at final.
  2. UA Alternative(REScheck)- Performance based alternative based on component U-values of assemblies based on table 402.1.3. Few trade offs for savings. Required at the very least for potential insulation variances from the Prescriptive Method. Blower Door Testing required at final.
  3. Simulated Performance(REM/Rate)- Performance comparison based on proposed values of ALL installed components in a building. Many opportunities for trade off savings. Blower Door Testing required at final.
  • Insulation Values
  • Mechanical Sizing/Efficiencies
  • Blower Door/Duct Leakage Test results

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